• Hi, I’m Tarek, a Licensed Auto Credit Consultant.

    I can cut your interest
    payments in half after
    18 on-time payments.

  • Plus, I will give you
    $500 Dollars after you
    make 18 on-time payments.

About Me

Tarek - Car Credit Rebuilder Calgary

Tarek Elcheika

Licensed Auto Credit Consultant - Country Hills Toyota

My name is Tarek and i am an Auto Credit Consultant specializing in helping people who need a car loan and don't have prime credit.

I have been part of both Country Hills Toyota and The Prestige Auto Group in Calgary, Alberta Canada for a decade and thus have access to 1000's of premium vehicles.

Country Hills Toyota Calgary

Whether you have bad, bruised or no credit, my goal is to help you firstly understand how to improve your image with the banks and pay less interest. I’m committed to working with you to help rebuild your credit. Lets be honest, who wants to waste money paying interest instead of the capital of your vehicle loan?

Obviously getting you a nice vehicle is part of the process. Getting your interest payments down is more important to me.

What matters to you, matters to me.


Vendors I Work With

Five Steps to Re-Building Your Credit with a Car Loan

Be Committed

If you are committed to making on-time vehicle payments, you will get fast results. It is easier than you think.


Fill out my 3 minute vehicle loan application. I will analyze your situation with my lenders and offer you several options. This takes less than an hour.

Schedule a Meet Up

Use my scheduling tool to create a meeting with me where we can go through your options and you can choose from hundreds of premium vehicles.

Drive Away Hopeful

Staying true to my promise I will help you rebuild your credit through obtaining a car loan. I will cut your interest payments in HALF and give you $500 after 18 on time payments.


After 18 payments with me you will make a new appointment with me and come and get your $500 cash! Plus I will renegotiate your loan terms, cutting the interest in half.

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